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Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica Watches

Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica Watches a century of watchmaking this year. Grenchen, a Swiss town with a privately owned company, has had a significant impact on the watchmaking industry over the past 100 years. Fortis was the first company to produce self-winding mechanical watches in the world. The legendary timepiece was launched and produced in the late 1920s. The timepiece is a collaboration between a British watchmaker John Harwood and the inventor of a self-winding wristwatch, a "hammer".

The company's other contribution is the only mechanical alarm chronograph in the world.Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica Watches Paul Gerber, a renowned watchmaker, was the mastermind behind this model. Fortis' third pillar is that it is the official timekeeper for the Russian space program. Fortis has therefore perfected automatic chronographs which are fully functional in space flight conditions. Fortis' timekeepers were able to participate in many space missions thanks to their capabilities.

Exhibition "From Grenchen to Space -100 Years Fortis". Limited Editions. Marinemaster Vintage Chronograph, a new product by Rolf Sachs and the crown jewel for newcomers is this timepiece. The Grenchen Museum of Cultural History exhibits the most complex watch made by the company, the F-43 Fleiger Alarm Chronograph GMT C.O.S.C. It was created as a demonstration of the watchmaker’s technical expertise.

The exhibition "From Grenchen to Space - 100 Years Fortis", as it is appropriately named, tells the tale of the economic growth of the region in relation to Fortis. The exhibition includes a number of documents and objects related to space exploration and, most importantly, watches that span the 100-year history of Fortis. Naturally, the collection includes the legendary Harwood watch, the first automatic timepiece made in series.Rolex Day-Date Replica The name and theme of the exhibition clearly show the brand's commitment to remaining among the leading manufacturers of timekeeping devices for the space programme. The exhibition will run until September and tell the story of Grenchen's watchmaker, who became the maker of timepieces that has the most experience in weightless environments.